What Defines an Alpha Male?

Article in the Mindscape Section of the August 2016 Issue of Stayfit Magazine by Vinesh Sukumaran

The misconceptions about the concept of the Alpha Male range from people seeing it as the ultimate acknowledgement of a man’s virility to feeling the need to be aggressive or flirt with women. Saying that being an Alpha Male is just about being physically fit, behaviourally aggressive or smooth with women is like reducing Osho’s entire range of ideas and philosophies merely to what he said about sex. So what else makes an Alpha Male?

First of all, an Alpha Male is not a bully. He is not out there to get other people or put others down. On the contrary, he is someone who lifts people up and brings out the best in others. That’s precisely what makes him stand out and shine in a group. Quite like the lion that is seen as the king of the jungle and yet doesn’t kill his prey for cheap thrills. But when a loin is hungry or needs to attack, he knows exactly what to do. Likewise, even the Alpha Male attacks only under the pressure of necessity, and when he does, size doesn’t matter. His energy in a fight is immense and mostly drawn from within rather than through practice or technique.

Secondly, the Alpha Male is not stuck up. He is a flexible beast. He accepts mistakes, takes ownership and adapts quickly. He realizes that negative feedback or differences in opinion are not a personal insult to his manhood or to himself as a human being. He is calm, composed and has a striking sense of poise even when things are not going his way. This comes from his quality of not blaming others, taking responsibility for who he is and his remarkable optimism in learning, growing and becoming a better person.

Another brilliant quality the Alpha Male possesses is being comfortable with being exactly who he is. He doesn’t suck up to anybody in the face of hierarchical superiority, greater public image or under social pressure. He speaks his mind out, doesn’t mince words and shoots bullets of honesty through his language and actions. This ability to express himself with ease makes him a fascinating leader, beyond just good decision making or being at the helm of affairs in any set up.

Finally, one more defining factor of an Alpha Male is that he is passionate about life. He sees a clear purpose to his existence and as a result finds more meaning in his work, his actions and his life as a whole. He clearly stands for certain things and that gives him a sense of style and charisma that is truly his and not one prescribed by others.

An alpha male doesn’t need to be young. You can be an alpha male at any age and there could be several other factors that define an Alpha Male to a slightly lesser degree than the ones described above. But for the most part, he is seen as someone who can walk into a room, fill it with his presence, exposing himself completely with uncrossed hands, direct eye contact and engaging others through his entertaining stories and his sense of humour. In a world where political correctness and living for others reigns supreme, the Alpha Male will continue to express himself and yet there is one thing that he would never ever do. He would never try to be an Alpha Male. He will be who he is and that is what makes him an Alpha Male.