The “Now Nothing” Philosophy

The Now Nothing Philosophy - September Stayfit 2019

The chase is on for most of us. I’ve studied hard and gotten good grades, now what? I’ve found a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. Now what? I’ve got a great job and am doing really well in life. Now what? I’ve got a great circle of friends, I’m in great health, I’ve bought my favourite car, I’ve got a house, I’ve gotten my kids married, I’ve learnt many things that I’ve always wanted to, I’ve traveled to all countries that I’ve wanted to travel to, I’ve achieved spiritual progress and I’ve done everything on my bucket list. Now what? This is what I call the “Now What” mindset. The attitude of wanting to chase one thing after another and never reaching a point where you’re truly satisfied and want no more. The need to find the next high in life and pursue it in the fond illusion that when you get there you’ll feel good and be happy. Of course you will. But only briefly. Because you’ve trained yourself to not stay in that phase too long and quickly dive into the chase again. What this mindset does is that it keeps you tied on the endless treadmill of dissatisfaction, chasing, momentary excitement and then dissatisfaction again.

The opposite of that and perhaps a better way to live life is through what I call the “Now Nothing” philosophy. This is where you stop constantly asking yourself the question “Now What?” When you’ve had any sort of achievement in life, however small or big, and you catch yourself asking the question “Now What?”, just remind yourself that well, “Now Nothing”. This puts you in a place where you give yourself the permission to enjoy the moment and bask in the sense of achievement and experience the pleasure of living without diluting or diffusing happiness too quickly. While the “Now What” mindset hates the equilibrium that is achieved after a dream is realized, the “Now Nothing” philosophy embraces this equilibrium instead of disturbing it. People who’ve lived for years through the “Now What” mindset also carry this into their daily activities. I’ve read the newspaper, Now what? I’ve had breakfast, I’ve watched this movie, I’ve met my friends, I’ve taken the kids to the park….Now what. A new week has started, now what? The weekend is here again, now what? And so on.

The next time you catch yourself saying “Now What?” Just repeat to yourself in your head the mantra “Now Nothing” firmly and assertively. Then sit back and enjoy where you are and what you’re doing. Remind yourself that there is nothing that’s happening elsewhere and there is nothing you need to do that will make you happier than you are right now. When you’re chasing something, you’re telling your mind and soul that you don’t have that thing yet. There is something implicit in the phenomenon of chasing that conveys the idea of lack to your mind. When you follow the “Now Nothing” philosophy, you convey to your mind the idea of abundance and a sense of owning and possessing what you once chased. This will allow you to enjoy the simple and larger pleasures of life more thoroughly rather than zip through life with fleeting moments of happiness here and there.


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